Frankfurt am Main | 13 – 20 October 2024

We can't wait to see you all again and are very much looking forward to welcoming our new guests and visitors from 13 to 20 October!

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We welcome Lara Leipholz as a new partner

In 2022 Lara Leipholz founded the Artist Management OHEY. The management represents and advises actors, public figures, content creators and talents on social media platforms. OHEY creates a holistic concept between personal and individual support, strategic development, social media, PR and brand relations. 
OHEY sees management as a companion, with the focus on sustainable development and personal support for the artists. It is a joint development and collaboration where ideas, wishes and visions are recognized and developed together with the talents. As manager and founder, Lara Leipholz advises her clients in all areas, supports them in the further development of their content and brings artists together with the right media, brands and advertising partners. Every artist is unique, and the support and advice provided by OHEY is just as unique. In order to meet this quality standard, the circle of artists at OHEY deliberately remains limited so that everyone can receive full attention. Lara Leipholz and her management want to create a space where every artist is seen, heard and understood. Where the focus is on individual support and development and where collaboration is created on an equal footing, based on appreciation, respect and a shared vision.
OHEY acts as personal management with a focus on strategic orientation, brand relations and PR and works closely with the acting agencies of the clients.

Bernd Kracke receives Hessian Order of Merit

We congratulate our head Prof. Bernd Kracke, the current President of the Hochschule für Gestaltung and the Director of B3, on receiving an extraordinary award for outstanding services to the state of Hesse and its people.

He has achieved and developed so much for Hesse during his time in office. We owe him the B3, among other things. We are so happy, dear Bernd! Your B3 team.

Federico Solmi receives the B3 Honour Award in the Art category

Federico Solmi, born in 1975 in Bologna, Italy, lives and works in Brooklyn and New York.

Many years ago, we introduced Federico Solmi as an Italian artist who, in his adopted home of New York, dedicates himself to video and installation art. This is based on painting, film, and games. We described him as a methodical wanderer between media worlds in the best sense, who utilises their techniques with playful ease. We were captivated by this highly political and expressive artist with his seemingly inexhaustible energy.

In 2017, he gave us one of the highlights of past festivals: his wonderful, colourful installation of his work THE GREAT FARCE on the exterior facade of the Frankfurt Opera.

Over the years, Federico Solmi has become a recognised international artist and a consistently welcome guest at B3. Today, he attracts thousands of visitors to his exhibitions daily, most recently in Venice. It is our honour to present him with the B3 Honourary Award in the category of Art this year.


Great storytelling with impressive dialogue

We are excited to premiere Farhad Delaram's film ACHILLES as the first of our 2024 festival programme! The film takes us from Tehran to the dried-up Lake Urmia in Iran’s northwestern province of Shabestar. It is not about the mythological figure Achilles, but rather tells the story of Farid, a former filmmaker turned orthotist in Iran, who becomes embroiled in a journey to save a political prisoner named Hedieh from a psychiatric ward, and together they embark on a perilous escape to the Turkish border, exploring themes of oppression, resistance, and the human spirit.

Farhad Delaram is an award-winning writer and director who was born in Iran. His short, TATTOO won the Crystal Bear award at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) has screened in over 90 film festivals across the globe picking up numerous awards along the way and is part of the Criterion Collection.

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A big thank you to every visitor and participant who made the B3 Festival 2023 a wonderful experience.