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B3 in depth

In the online interview series "B3 in depth", the B3 Festival of the Moving Image asks the essential questions of the industry together with creative professionals. What does the future hold?

The past years have shown that everything we have previously perceived as normality can quickly be turned upside down. In the new B3 podcast format, artists and makers of moving images talk specifically about what currently drives them and how they see their future and that of their guilds within our social fabric. The goal of the format is to get people in front of the webcams of their notebooks who have something to contribute to creativity, film, media use and thinking outside the box, or, as it was called in the 1990s: tactical media.

Johannes Grenzfurthner will lead the online series. He is an artist, filmmaker, performer, and founder of the art and theory group monochrom, and was involved as a moderator in various online formats of B3 in 2020.

Artist, filmmaker and performerJohannes Grenzfurthner leads the series.

#14 Khulekani Mayisa
14. JUL 22
Julie Carpenter Julie Carpenter
#13 Will Nguyen
14. MAY 22
Julie Carpenter Julie Carpenter
#12 Adrian Wootton OBE
14. APR 22
Julie Carpenter Julie Carpenter
#11 Eric McEver
14. MAR 22
Karina Longworth Karina Longworth
#10 Karina Longworth
How to preserve the past
14. FEB 22
#09 Karen Marcelo
12. AUG 21
Harald Homolka-List Harald Homolka-List
#08 Harald Homolka-List
08. JUL 21
Julie Carpenter Julie Carpenter
#07 Julie Carpenter
24. JUN 21
Chris Gore Chris Gore
#06 Chris Gore
10. JUN 21
Jason Scott Jason Scott
#05 Jason Scott
27. MAY 21
Anouk Wipprecht Anouk Wipprecht
#04 Anouk Wipprecht
13. MAY 21
Chris Hülsbeck Chris Hülsbeck
#03 Chris Hülsbeck
22. APR 21
Sandra Mann Sandra Mann
#02 Sandra Mann
08. APR 21
Jello Biafra Jello Biafra
#01 Jello Biafra
25. MAR 21