Frankfurt am Main | 13 – 20 October 2024

21-22 China

We live in the Anthropocene epoch marked by the Human impact on the planet. As part of the 21-22 series, this 360 VR experiential documentary takes us on an immersive meditative journey for a rare and profound look inside China where rapid urbanization, major industrial development and massive changes are transforming its landscapes. Through its compelling 360-surround imagery, evocative soundtrack and thoughtful montage, "21-22 CHINA" offers an experiential cinematic narrative for revealing the anthropocenic reality as witnessed from the perspective of the infinite domain – the Sky. For more details: WWW.21-22.EARTH


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  • Thierry Loa

    Thierry Loa is an interdisciplinary filmmaker and new media content creator. Having studied multimedia, philosophy, cinema, anthropology and geography, he diligently explores and works in various visual and media disciplines, on a diverse and mixed array of projects such as video installations, films, interactive, and photography. His fields of interest include Art, Technology, Cinema, Anthropology, Anthropocene, Postmodernism, Philosophy, Sociology, Culture, New Media, Virtual Reality, Video Game and Critical Theory.

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