Frankfurt am Main | 12 – 20 October 2024

Amar Colony

Feature Film India 2022 OVe / OVS
By Siddharth Chauhan
Wed, 18 October 2023, 4:30 PM
Meera (20), a lonely pregnant woman is caught in a maze of desires and disappointments. Devki (45), a widow confined to a wheelchair demands respect for her pigeon. Durga (60), a religious fanatic begins to experience delusions. When mundane lives of these three women intertwine in a lonely chawl in India, we encounter an existential underworld of raw impulses, desires and fears in this human wilderness with no respite and no resolution. Meera ist zwanzig Jahre alt, schwanger und einsam, und gefangen in einem Labyrinth aus Bedürfnissen und Enttäuschungen. Devki, 45, verwitwet und an den Rollstuhl gefesselt, verlangt nach Respekt für ihre Taube. Durga, 60, eine religiöse Fanatikerin, bekommt langsam Wahnvorstellungen.


Film Info


Amar Colony
Original title
Amar Colony
Feature Film
Release Date
  • India
Spoken language
  • Hindi
  • English
76 Minutes
Color Format
  • Colour


  • Siddharth Chauhan
  • Writer
  • Siddharth Chauhan
  • Producers
  • Nisheeth Kumar
  • Crew
  • Modhura Palit (Cinematographer)
  • Paresh Kamdar (Editor)
  • Marc Marder (Music)
  • Bhabani Mallick (Sound)
  • Subodh Kumar Satapathi (Sound)
  • Cast

  • Nimisha Nair (Leading Actress - Meera)
  • Suneeta Agrawal (Leading Actress - Devki)
  • Usha Chauhan (Leading Actress - Durga)
  • Director

    • Siddharth Chauhan

      Born and brought up in the hills of Shimla, through lack of opportunity Siddharth Chauhan decided to grab the bull by the horns and make his own breaks. Driven by the need to create value, he takes pride in making films in his hometown & believes in telling stories which are local. A self-taught film maker, Siddharth has made all of his films in his hometown - generating employment and engagement for many local artists and film enthusiasts over the past few years. "Amar Colony" is his debut feature film. He is currently developing a few more scripts.

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