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At Home in La Güinera

Documentary Film Cuba 2023
By Elena Buscaino
"At Home in La Güinera" (Cuba, 2023) is a short film that partly uses documentary storytelling that gets disrupted through stylistic techniques of staging and fragmentation. The focus is on the living and working conditions of Black and latinx Cuban women from different generations.

This film will be screened as part of our short film competition on Tuesday 17 October at 7.30pm and Wednesday 18 October at 8pm.


Film Info


At Home in La Güinera
Original title
Zuhause in La Güinera / En Casa en La Güinera
Documentary Film
Release Date
  • Cuba
Spoken language
  • Spanish
  • German
  • English
16 Minutes
Color Format
  • Colour
Sound Format
  • Stereo


  • Elena Buscaino
  • Producers
  • Elena Buscaino
  • Director

    • Elena Buscaino

      Elena Buscaino is a designer and film maker born and raised in Berlin, Germany, with Cuban roots. She recently graduated from the University of the Arts Berlin with a video work called "At Home in La Güinera / En Casa en La Güinera", a 15-minute short film, the was shot between 2022 and 2023 in Havana, Cuba.

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