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Azurite Fielding

'Azurite Fielding' is a trans-dimensional, audio-visual journey performed in real-time that explores metaphysical realms that lie outside of our temporal reality. The powerful imagery combines dynamic movement, interweaving sculptural forms and explosive colours. The artwork depicts landscapes that range from luminous nebulae built from magnetic fields and cosmic dust to mechanical territories where multiple structural components collide, assemble, and deconstruct. The project’s theme explores the thin veil between our dimension and the ever after. An ambisonic soundscape has been custom-engineered for this project by New York electronic producer/engineer Noah B.


Film Info


Azurite Fielding
Original title
Azurite Fielding
3D Animation Art Performance
Release Date
  • Canada
Spoken language
  • No Dialogue
  • No Subtitle
24 Minutes
Color Format
  • Colour
Sound Format
  • Stereo


  • Noah Boujikian (Music)
  • Social


    • Evond (MEDIAH) Blake

      Evond Blake (aka MEDIAH) is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist who weaves contemporary graffiti/street art forms with painterly techniques and digital media to create large-scale, immersive cinematic environments. Heavily inspired by avionics, mechanical engineering and schematics, MEDIAH’s abstract work utilises speed, motion, dynamism, and force to depict otherworldly dimensions through an abstract lens.

      MEDIAH is described as ‘one of the most revered graffiti artists in Canada’ due to his extensive and prolific career that spans over 27 years.

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