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Broken Hearts Hotel

Broken Hearts Hotel (2021) explores the potential of the "love hotel" as a temporary, utopian non-space in which we can reinvent love, relationships and ourselves, and holds tender correspondences filled with love, longing, desire, sorrow and heartbreak. The work was commissioned for the Remote Intimacies, a series of performances organized by the Leslie Lohman Museum of Arts (NYC) and The ONE Archive at the University of Southern California (LA). The invited artists explored how to sustain intimacy in these highly mediated times, and how to imagine opportunities for communion across temporal and geographic distances. Broken Hearts Hotel was premiered at a public online screening and conversation with critic, art historian and curator Pawel Leszkowicz, which followed two days of one-on-one virtual encounters with the artist, during which participants could choose to overshare broken heart histories, take an intimacy quiz, dance across the screen, or listen to a bedtime love story.


Film Info


Broken Hearts Hotel
Original title
Broken Hearts Hotel
Release Date
  • United Kingdom
Spoken language
  • English
  • English
15 Minutes
Color Format
  • Colour
Sound Format
  • Stereo


  • non applicable
  • Crew
  • Hicham Gardaf (Cinematographer)
  • Maja Ngom (Cinematographer)
  • Katarzyna Perlak (Editor)
  • Cast

  • Katarzyna Perlak (Leading Actress)
  • Katarzyna Perlak (Narrator)
  • Director

    • Katarzyna Perlak

      Katarzyna Perlak is a Polish-born artist, based in London who employs video, performance, textiles, sculpture, and installation in her works.

      Perlak studied Philosophy in Poland and Fine Art Media in the UK.

      She was part of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2017 and shows in the UK and internationally.

      Through her work Perlak explores how crafts, heritage and traditions can be revisited and re-imagined from contemporary feminist, queer and diasporic, migrant perspectives. She engages 'affective truths' such as myths, tales, dreams, desires, collective memories, and seeks to problematize how history is written and traditions are represented.

      By questioning who tradition belongs to and who it overlooks, her work encourages audiences to consider and experience multiple, overlapping and contesting historical narratives rather than as a single, fixed entity.

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