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Closed Loop / Scrying Mirror

Art Germany 2022
By Felix Ansmann and Maurice Wald
"Closed Loop / Scrying Mirror" explores themes of algorithmic and divinatory prediction, simulation, and magical conceptions of technology. Gesturing towards colonial, market-driven, and technocratic notions of prediction, it references the scrying mirror, a divination artifact originating in pre-columbian Mesoamerica, later adopted by European astrologers like John Dee, and the practice of augury, where the augur divines the future by observing patterns in (in this case simulated) bird behavior.


Film Info


Closed Loop / Scrying Mirror
Original title
Closed Loop / Scrying Mirror
Release Date
  • Germany
Spoken language
  • No Dialogue
  • No Subtitle
4 Minutes
Color Format
  • Colour
Sound Format
  • Stereo



  • Felix Ansmann

    Felix Ansmann is an artist, writer and researcher interested in the relation between media technologies and economics. Recent projects have tackled topics such as platform economics, algorithmic prediction, and the speculative time of finance.

    His practice draws on a background in cultural anthropology and postcolonial theory and frequently takes form as video, sound, text, and installation.

    He is part of:
    Design & Computation
    University of the Arts
    Technical University Berlin

  • Maurice Wald

    Maurice Wald is an artist and researcher based in Berlin and student as well as research assistant at Design & Computation, University of the Arts Berlin / Technical University Berlin.

    Through his work he investigates the influences of technology and the digital on - and trace algorithms throughout - economics, politics and culture. It focuses on the impact of the former as objects on the perception, fundamental understandings and behaviour of subjects on the level of the individual to then allow conclusions about the latter. His practice employs his background in engineering and AI-development in constantly challenging the accompanying inscripted notions while also encorporating underlying techniques and mechanics - reappropriated. For his work, he often collaborates with disciplines ouside his practice.

    He holds a B.Sc. in Engineering from the RWTH Aachen University. In 2020 he co-founded BNSL Studio together with Felix Ansmann.

    He is part of:
    Design & Computation
    University of the Arts
    Technical University Berlin

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