Frankfurt am Main | 13 – 20 October 2024


Genre Film Germany 2023
By Daniel Schulte
Since his father's passing, Oskar has been caught up in excessive daydreams, turning him emotionally blunt. While Oskar and his mother Kathrin fail to grief, his best friend Lasse is about to move to another city, increasing Oskar's fear of being left alone. Close to losing his mind, the boundaries between daydreams and reality become blurred…

This film will be screened as part of our short film competition on Sunday 15 October at 7.30pm and Wednesday 18 October at 4pm.


Film Info


Original title
Genre Film Thriller LGBT Art
Release Date
  • Germany
Spoken language
  • German
  • English
20 Minutes
Color Format
  • Colour
Sound Format
  • Stereo


  • Daniel Schulte
  • Writer
  • Daniel Schulte
  • Lara Frank (Co Author)
  • Camillo Guthmann (Co Author)
  • Producers
  • Daniel Schulte
  • Lara Frank
  • Crew
  • Lara Frank (Cinematographer)
  • Lara Frank (Editor)
  • Konrad Woznitzka (Sound)
  • Cast

  • (Supporting Actor - Lasse)
  • (Supporting Actress - Kiara)
  • (Supporting Actress - Lady at the Café)
  • Petra Mott (Leading Actress - Kathrin)
  • Camillo Guthmann (Leading Actor - Oskar)
  • Social


    • Daniel Schulte

      Daniel Schulte was born in Plettenberg, Germany in 1997. After graduating from high school, he started studying theatre, film and media studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. Eventually, Daniel switched to the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences for a bachelor's degree in "Media: Conception & Production" in order to pursue his passion for film in a more practical way. In addition to acting in various musicals at the Hessian State Theatre Wiesbaden, Daniel developed his first own film projects during his studies. Projects include the concept and screenplay for the musical web series "Before Broadway" and the queer film drama "Rainbow Heart", which he wrote and directed. Daniel's short film "lonely nights" celebrated its cinema premiere in May 2022 at the Hanau youth short film festival "Jung & Abgedreht". "Abgespalten" is Daniel Schulte's bachelor's degree film and marks his first major directing project.

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