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Dream's Gate

Iran OVe / OVS
By Negin Ahmadi
Wed, 18 October 2023, 6:30 PM
Iranian filmmaker Negin Ahmadi travels to the war zone of Northern Syria to follow the lives of the women in the YPJ – an all-female Kurdish militia. Armed only with her camera, she captures the struggles, hopes, and joys of these incredible women, for whom the fight against ISIS is also their way to escape the restraints of a patriarchal society. Weaving together candid moments between the female soldiers with the brutality of combat, Negin creates a personal, visual diary that intimately explores the role of women in battle and examines the cost of achieving equality and freedom in this tumultuous region.


Film Info


Dream's Gate
Original title
Darvazeye Royaha
  • Iran
  • France
  • Norway
Spoken language
  • Kurdish
  • Farsi
78 Minutes
Color Format
  • Colour


  • Elaheh NOBAKHT
  • Cast

  • Women Of The YPJ
  • Director

    • Negin Ahmadi

      Born in 1989 in Iran, Negin Ahmadi is a Kurdish Iranian filmmaker. Ahmadi studied Economics, and finished her Associate’s degree in the university of Imam Khomeini in Qazvin. She is currently a student in Iranian Youth Cinema Society. As a director, she has supervised multiple documentary series and directed a short documentary called A Few Days of Shirin in 2016. Dreams’ Gate will be her first feature documentary.

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