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El Beat

By Carolina Fernández, Sergio Bromberg, Irene Lema
"El Beat VR" is a journey from the coast of Senegal to the territory of Palenque, following the route of enslaved African men during the colony. It’s a 6DoF immersive experience featuring natural Palenquero actors staged in a symbolic and dreamlike universe combining pointclouds, 3d models and Tiltbrush sculpting. El Beat VR explores the beginning of the African diaspora in Latin America. El Beat interactive is a hybrid film. It narrates the escape of Benkos Biohó, the emancipated African leader, and the struggle to liberate his people. In parallel, the story of his descendants is told through Palenquero language and music. It is a story of rebellion and resistance brought to the present day, merging traditional African culture with contemporary sounds.


Film Info


El Beat
Original title
El Beat
Release Date
45 Minutes
Color Format
  • Colour


  • Carolina Fernández
  • Sergio Bromberg
  • Irene Lema
  • Crew
  • Mauricio Reyes (Cinematographer)
  • Diego Barajas (Cinematographer)
  • Alejandro Lozano (Editor)
  • Irene Lema (Editor)
  • Ali Navarro (Music)
  • La Mambanegra (Music)
  • Sexteto Tabalá (Music)
  • Kombilesa Mi (Music)
  • Cast

  • Andris Padilla (Leading Actor - Benkos Biohó)
  • Abel Cassiani (Leading Actor - Benkos Biohó)
  • Social


    • Irene Lema

      Documentary filmmaker and XR creator. For many years, she has been pioneer in the creation of NewMedia in Latin America. Her work has been premiered in festivals like FICCI in Latin America and SXSW in the USA, while she has been trained in spaces like the NewFrontier talent Forum in Sundance and the IDFAcademy in Europe. She has been fellow of the Sundance Institute Interdisciplinary Program and the NewMedia program (Proimagenes Colombia/Canada Media Fund) among others. She also has been winner of the documentary and the transmedia creation award of the Colombian Film Fund.

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