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Musings of a Mechatronic Mistress – The Peculiar Purpose of Tiffany the Sex Robot

By Jasmin Hagendorfer
Tue, 17 October 2023, 2:00 PM
In a world where technology and humanity intertwine, Tiffany, a self-aware "sex robot", embarks on an unparalleled journey of self-discovery. Conversing with experts, Tiffany confronts the societal norms, body image stereotypes, and patriarchal influences that have shaped her design. As debates over her societal impact surge, Tiffany navigates the complexities of interdisciplinary communication, the rise of AI companions, and the vast realm of innovative sex tech. But it's the potential for a radical shift away from human-like designs, and the embrace of individualized, DIY solutions, that truly challenges the status quo. With every revelation, Tiffany's contemplative journey challenges our perceptions and compels us to question the boundaries of technology, desire, and societal expectations.


Film Info


  • Patryk Senwicki
  • Dominic Spitler
  • Cast

  • Johannes Grenzfurthner
  • Janina Loh
  • Jason Scott
  • Tanja Kubes
  • Kate Devlin
  • Katta Spiel
  • Iris Phan
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    • Jasmin Hagendorfer

      Based in Vienna, Jasmin Hagendorfer is an acclaimed contemporary artist, filmmaker, and curator. Through diverse mediums, she delves into socio-political themes and gender identity, showcasing her works internationally. As co-founder and director of the Porn Film Festival Vienna, she intertwines feminist and queer theories with art and erotica. Her notable contributions include a TEDx talk in Vienna about the environmental benefits of quality pornography and films like "Fudliaks!" and "Musings of a Mechatronic Mistress".

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