Frankfurt am Main | 14 – 22 October 2023

Revenge Fantasy

Experimental Film United Kingdom 2019
By Andrew Black
"Revenge Fantasy" was filmed around Coulport and the Sound of Raasay, two locations on the West Coast of Scotland where the UK’s Trident nuclear programme is housed. Narrated by dancer/choreographer Malik Nashad Sharpe (marikiscrycrycry), the film explores exhibitionism, secrecy and shame through a series of abject bodily interactions with the landscape. Travelling through chasms, sinkholes and precipices, animal bodies feature in the film as figures for queer states of excess and duress. Responding to a paranoid anxiety around privacy and surveillance in the specific context of this militarised landscape, the film confronts the dark underbelly of subterfuge and violence explicit in the names of the submarines hidden in the landscape: Revenge, Repulse, Vanguard and Vengeance.

15.10. | 14.00 (ASTOR Film Lounge MyZeil | Kino 3)
16.10. | 16.00 (ASTOR Film Lounge MyZeil | Kino 3)
16.10. | 17.30 (ASTOR Film Lounge MyZeil | Kino 3)


Film Info


Revenge Fantasy
Original title
Revenge Fantasy
Experimental Film
Release Date
  • United Kingdom
Spoken language
  • English
  • English
13 Minutes
Color Format
  • Colour
Sound Format
  • Stereo


  • Andrew Black
  • Crew
  • Oliver Pitt (Music)
  • Cast

  • Malik Nashad Sharpe (marikiscrycrycry) (Narrator)
  • Director

    • Andrew Black

      Andrew Black is an artist and filmmaker based in Scotland. His work explores hidden and obscured stories found within the British landscape, creating portraits of places with which he has a biographical attachment. He was the 2021 recipient of the Margaret Tait Award, and his commissioned film On Clogger Lane premiered at Glasgow Film Theatre in February 2023, was exhibited at The Tetley, Leeds, and will show at LUX, London in 2024. His work has shown at CCA Glasgow, Dundee Contemporary Arts and Centre Clark, Montreal. Andrew Black is part of the Film London Jarman Award 2023 shortlist.

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