Frankfurt am Main | 13 – 20 October 2024

Social Desert

This film is not an analysis that claims objective correctness, but an attempt to find a connection to the world at all. Both the image and the sound of the film are conceived in a sensuality that excludes complete concreteness. The work is purely lyrical; the atmosphere, the manner of presentation, is decisive, not the object to which the content points. The world is already there, it lies comprehensibly prepared for the interested person. It exists in a form that is studiable. However, the internal agitation, ranging from sublimity to panicked despair, is the added value that my film offers. The wild emotion that grips the individual and leaves them frozen is the real object. No sign, no claim, just a feeling. Something that goes deeper than superficial blame and attempts at solutions. Ultimately, reverence for what we mean by the world. Veneration and, above all, fear.

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Social Desert
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  • Lars Thomas
  • B3 Moving Image Forum

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