Frankfurt am Main | 14 – 22 October 2023

The District VR

VR - AR Germany 2024
By Dennis Lisk
Welcome to The District VR, a music-driven 3D world full of vibrant games and virtual live entertainment. Put on a VR-headset and dive into an immersive, virtual twin of Berlin with photorealistic environments, various event spaces and virtual music-creation tools from DJ-equipment to samplers and more. Experience how it feels like to be a DJ in VR, use the provided equipment and mix music live in front of a virtual crowd. Visit immersive event spaces and get a glimpse of virtual live entertainment powered by VR.


Film Info


The District VR
Original title
The District VR
Release Date
  • Germany
Spoken language
  • English
  • English
20 Minutes
Color Format
  • Colour
Sound Format
  • Stereo


  • Dennis Lisk
  • Fabian Vogelsteller
  • Ioulia Isserlis
  • Max Sacker
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    • Dennis Lisk

      Dennis Lisk, also known as Denyo, is a gold/platinum award-winning musician, DJ, and entrepreneur. He started his career in 1991 as a founder of the German hip-hop band "Beginner" (formerly known as “Absolute Beginner”). Dennis has played a significant role in evolving hip-hop music with German lyrics from a niche subculture into a relevant and established part of the entertainment industry.

      In 2018, after nearly 30 years in the music industry, he began researching Web3 and VR/XR technologies with regard to their future potential for the entire sector. His goal was to onboard the overall industry into the Web3 space. Since 2019, he has been an advisor at the LUKSO Network. In 2020, he founded Proof of Taste in collaboration with blockchain architect Fabian Vogelsteller (LUKSO) and VR content producers Ioulia Isserlis and Max Sacker (Anotherworld VR). Their objective is to create "The District VR," an immersive virtual entertainment and decentralized music distribution platform.

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