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Tiny Creatures

Art Germany 2023
By Federico Zurani
Tiny Creatures is an ongoing project that explores the possibilities of using a video game environment as an alternative narrative tool. The project comprises a virtual world populated by various non-playable characters (NPCs) that interact with each other in a dynamic and autonomous manner. These NPCs are born, live, interact, and eventually die, and their life satisfaction and fulfillment is affected by their interactions with each other and other random factors. These interactions also affect the AI-generated dialogues between the NPCs and an eventual playable character. These dialogues revolve around everyday life issues, both happy and sad, providing a unique and thought-provoking narrative experience. Overall, the project aims to push the boundaries of traditional storytelling methods and use the medium of video games as a form of narrative expression.


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Tiny Creatures
Original title
Tiny Creatures
Art 3D Animation Others Game
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  • Germany
Spoken language
  • English
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  • Colour
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  • Unknown





  • Federico Zurani

    Federico Zurani is an Italian-Albanian artist. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, specializing in painting. Later on, he focused on interactive virtual environments and videogames. He has developed installation, collaborative artworks and commissions for various events and venues, including Berlin University of Arts (UdK), Palazzo Ducale Genova, Fabbrica Europa, and Rewire festival.

    Throughout his career, Federico Zurani has collaborated with numerous individuals and entities, including artists, architecture studios, and composers. Some notable collaborators include Berlin University of Arts (UdK), Palazzo Ducale of Genova, Bronzo studio, Mefistofele Documenta, and Timoteo Carbone.

    His research primarily revolves around the underlying narratives and imageries of both modern and historical images and imageries, with a particular emphasis on the romantic and modern/scientific perception of landscapes.

    Federico Zurani's artistic practice involves utilizing various mediums such as painting, ceramics, video games, interactive interfaces, and narrative tools.

    Currently, he is based in Berlin, where he is working and studying in the research master program of Design and Computation.

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