Frankfurt am Main | 12 – 20 October 2024

Abid Khan

Abid Khan is a self-taught writer-director who worked in a cinema and directed award-winning shorts on weekends. His debut feature film GRANADA NIGHTS was shot in Spain and released in UK and Spain cinemas. Abid Khan has won numerous festival breakthrough awards, including a prestigious Premios Lorca award. Head of Film4, Daniel Battsek awarded him Best Film at BFF and announcing him as a ‘director to watch’. Abid has been featured by Adobe and profiled in the The Guardian and The Observer. He formed Eyefive Films to tell self-discovery stories with a focus on diverse characters and cultures.

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Absolutely Necessary and Polarizing. Diversity and Identity Politics In Art, Culture, and Media

Migration, LGBTQ+, Post-Colonial Discourse, Black Live Matters, Antisemitism, LGBTQ+, Cultural Appropriation, Cancel Culture, Tokenism - these terms and buzzwords have been making their way into the cultural and political sphere for years, even reaching the mainstream. We all encounter one or another aspect of these issues daily and find ourselves challenged to take a stance. Read more…