Frankfurt am Main | 13 – 20 October 2024

Birgit Karus

Birgit Karus is the founder of the digital marketing agency NOH Production, which provides services to various European companies in different sectors. Besides her marketing agency, Birgit has built a startup in the music industry. She is an expert at building clever technical solutions and strategies to make digital marketing more efficient and measurable. Her main strength is putting together creativity and numbers to make them work as one whole system.

Talks at B3

Social Media Marketing in 2023 Post AI World

A lot has changed in social media marketing thanks to AI development and changes in Meta algorithms and tools. This workshop will give every filmmaker, artist or creative project manager insight into what works today in social media, what kind of targeting and insights it is possible to get from social media, how Meta and Tiktok influence each other and last but not least how to use AI tools in your marketing tasks. Read more…