Frankfurt am Main | 12 – 20 October 2024

Daniel Chávez Heras

Daniel specialises in the computational production and analysis of visual culture. His research combines critical frameworks in the history and theories of cinema, television, and photography, with advanced technical practice in creative and scientific computing, including applied machine learning technologies.

He has worked extensively in interdisciplinary design and creative industries, in Mexico and in the UK, with cultural institutions such as The British Council, and the BBC. He was senior research fellow at the Cultural Analytics Open Lab in Estonia, and is now Lecturer in Digital Culture and Creative Computing in the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London, where he is also part of the Computational Humanities Group, and research fellow at the Creative AI Lab, in partnership with the Serpentine Gallery.

Talks at B3

AI and the Future of Film and Media. Are We on Our Way Into a New Media Age? Part 2

After short keynotes, the panelists examine the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence and its profound impacts on the film and media industry. On the one hand, the use of AI in creation, production, and marketing offers the promise of enormous savings in time, cost, and effectiveness. This is also the case when AI-powered tools and technologies enable individuals and smaller production companies to create high-quality content without having to rely on expensive professional equipment or large teams. Read more…

AI, Euphoria and Fear. To What Extent is The Use of AI in Film and Moving Image Acceptable? An overview of the most important current discussion topics. Part 1

For some time now, numerous voices have been raised in public, including those of experts in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), who are calling for a temporary halt to the development of the most advanced AI systems or for a comprehensive worldwide AI regulation on the part of official authorities. Read more…