Frankfurt am Main | 13 – 20 October 2024

Eric Drass

Eric Drass is an artist making work in a range of media, from painting, to music, to machine-learning AI art. Some of his favourite themes are identity, consciousness, the philosophical ramifications of artificial intelligence, big data and the relationship between humans and machines. Sometimes this work is political, frequently it is playful, often it is provocative or transgressive in some way. His works are frequently reported and cited online (The Guardian, BBC4, Wikipedia etc.)

Eric holds a degree in Philosophy and Psychology (Oxford) and an unfinished PhD in Cognitive Psycholinguistics (also Oxford). He is co-author on a number of patents dealing with PRISM-type surveillance technologies (long before PRISM became public), and a number of academic papers relating to neural network models of language acquisition and heritability.

He also used to be a singer in an experimental hardcore band, an unsuccessful male model, and once took at dotcom 1.0 company from a bedroom project to 14 countries and back, spending $50m on the way. A long time ago he was a TV star in America, but he doesn’t like to talk about it.

Talks at B3

AI and the Future of Film and Media. Are We on Our Way Into a New Media Age? Part 2

After short keynotes, the panelists examine the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence and its profound impacts on the film and media industry. On the one hand, the use of AI in creation, production, and marketing offers the promise of enormous savings in time, cost, and effectiveness. This is also the case when AI-powered tools and technologies enable individuals and smaller production companies to create high-quality content without having to rely on expensive professional equipment or large teams. Read more…