Frankfurt am Main | 14 – 22 October 2023

Hidéo Snes

It is said Hidéo Snes is otherworldly, different. A creature, so deranged, strange, and twisted, its presence remains in constant flux. A tentacled elder-god, a multi-breasted space-vixen, a many-faced, utterly fiendish beast. Hidéo Snes is not one, but many. Not one thought that echoes through the void, but a chorus. A frightful symphony of ideas. Fundamentally questioning the idea of artistic production processes, Hidéo Snes establishes a neomodern continuum, wherein the fractured self is being mirrored in equally distorted selves. Hidéo SNES works with artificial intelligence and conducts artistic research into its racist, misogynist and queerphobic aspects. SNES’ works have been presented at Mumok (Vienna, AT) and Kiasma (Helsinki, FI), and have been part of exhibitions on four continents.

Talks at B3

AI, Euphoria and Fear. To What Extent is The Use of AI in Film and Moving Image Acceptable? An overview of the most important current discussion topics. Part 1

For some time now, numerous voices have been raised in public, including those of experts in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), who are calling for a temporary halt to the development of the most advanced AI systems or for a comprehensive worldwide AI regulation on the part of official authorities. Read more…