Frankfurt am Main | 13 – 20 October 2024

Jonas Wuttke

Jonas Wuttke is not only recognized as a Content Creator for his TikToks titled "Social Media is Embarrassing," where he humorously mocks influencers and the world of social media. He is also a producer, actor, and director and has successfully launched one of the most successful influencer series called "Toxic" with Amazon Video. His main focus as a creator and producer centers around the theme of "dangers on and around social media." In addition to his film projects and his social media content, his own format on FUNK titled "Social Media is Embarrassing" allows him to convey his message to a broad public and draw attention to relevant societal issues. Jonas is also active as a speaker and moderator and delivers talks on the risks, as well as the opportunities and potential of social media. With his dedication, he contributes to raising awareness and sensitizing young people to handle social media responsibly. And he does all this with humor and satire in just the right places.

Talks at B3

High Culture in Portrait Mode: What Platforms Like Tiktok and Instagram Can Teach us for the Storytelling of the Future.

The enormous success of short video platforms and formats like TikTok or Insta-Reels has permanently changed the viewing habits of the younger generation. The type of content that is being consumed has a direct impact on storytelling. Read more…