Frankfurt am Main | 13 – 20 October 2024

Judy Tossel

Born in Wiltshire/England in 1966, Judy Tossell studied Classics at Oxford University, before moving to Berlin, Germany, in 1989. After learning the ropes at REGINA ZIEGLER FILMPRODUKTION, Judy founded her own independent company in 1996 as a production platform for a group of talented young Berlin-based filmmakers. Following the successful completion of award-winning shorts and feature films, she joined forces with filmmaker Jens Meurer in 2001 and has been producing under the EGOLI TOSSELL banner ever since. Egoli Tossell’s track record spans over 75 productions, Independent Spirit, BAFTA, Academy Award nominations and a Golden Globe for Olivier Assayas' CARLOS as Best Miniseries in 2011. Highlights include Alexander Sukorov’s ground-breaking one-shot film RUSSIAN ARK, Michael Hoffman’s Academy Award-nominated THE LAST STATION (Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer), HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS (dir. Peter Chelsom) with Simon Pegg, Rosamund Pike and Toni Collette. THE LESSON directed by Alice and starring Richard E. Grant, Julie Delpy and Daryl MacCormack is her latest production.

Talks at B3

B3 Conference Opening | From Hollywood to Netflix & Co. - Is Content still King?

The film and moving image industries are in a constant state of change. With the increasing spread of streaming services and the steadily growing importance of social media, viewing habits have changed dramatically, and at the same time the demand for high-quality content has risen significantly. Where does this content come from and which topics are currently in particular demand by the audience or should be set? Read more…