Frankfurt am Main | 14 – 22 October 2023
Copyright: Julia Finkernagel, Photo: Kirsten Nijhof Photography

Julia Finkernagel

After a successful management career and a sabbatical she was offered her own TV travel show and now works as a host, writer, director, curator and coach. Julia has directed some award-winning films (fiction/non-fiction) and has been on stages since her childhood. She has hosted several film festivals and has been doing cultural or film-related interviews for sixteen years. Recently, she started coaching people to cope with stage fear.

B3 Biennial Of The Moving Image

Talks at B3

Personal Experiences and Stories as the Foundation for Creating Moving Images and as a Catalyst for Change. A Conversation About the Positive and Negative Impacts of Art of All Kinds

Filmmakers are not just storytellers; they also mirror their own experiences. In this panel, we illuminate how these experiences find their way into their works and shape social and political developments in our contemporary world. Personal experiences have the potential to infuse films with emotional depth, allowing for the interpretation of universal themes in a personal manner. Read more…