Frankfurt am Main | 13 – 20 October 2024

Lara Leipholz

Lara Leipholz, founder of the artist management firm OHEY, represents strong-minded personalities and content creators like Alicia Joe, Theo Carow, and Jonas Wuttke, among others. The trained lawyer began her professional career in product and brand development, specifically in the area of food product and brand development for creators. Through her diverse experiences with artists, she recognized her true passion for talent management. The combination of creativity, empathy, negotiation skills, and organization continues to fascinate her and motivated her to establish her own company and artist management, OHEY. She now oversees some of the most well-known German content creators and is also active in consulting and strategy development for clients. Lara's management, OHEY, and her working style are characterized by an extremely personal and intensive care of each individual artist. For her, the artist always has top priority. She believes in a supportive and cooperative coexistence in the vast management and agency world, where people network and support one another.

Talks at B3

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