Frankfurt am Main | 14 – 22 October 2023

Oliver Schütte

Oliver Schütte studied film and theater in Berlin. He has been a screenwriter for film and television since 1986. He won the German Film Prize in 1988 for his first screenplay, "Koan". Since 1990, he has been working as a Script Consultant. From 1995 until 2008 he was the director of the Master School Drehbuch, an institution for advanced education of screenwriters, script consultants and producers. In 1997, he co-founded the "Script House" development agency in Berlin which he left in 2001.

Today he works as a writer, script consultant and as a lecturer in Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland and USA.

Since 2014 he is also the managing director of the filmproduction „tellfilm Deutschland“.

Oliver Schütte is a founding member of the German Film Academy.

Talks at B3

Workshop: Artificial Intelligence in the Creative and Pre-Production Phase of Film and Television

This workshop focuses on the use of AI technologies in the creative and pre-production phases of film and television projects. Read more…

Creative Storytelling at a Turning Point. Is AI a Tool or Antagonist of Storytelling?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to fundamentally change the way stories are told and produced in moving images. One of the main arguments for using AI technologies in moving image production is the time and money it saves. By automatically generating ideas up to entire videos and artworks, creating storyboards or transcribing, dubbing and translating videos, workflows can be optimized and resources can be used more efficiently. AI is also already finding its way into script analysis. Read more…