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Le Brothers

Thanh Le Ngoc and Hai Le Duc (Le Brothers), born in 1975 in the Quang Binh Province, were first noticed as the artists of Vietnamese lacquer painting of war topics. In 2000 both graduated from the Hue College of Arts where Le Ngoc Thanh studied lacquer painting and Le Duc Hai oil painting.

After painting, the artists started creating performances and video works highlighting the metaphor of similarity. Many of their works speak of the issue of Southern and Northern Vietnam and other places that were or are divided. The Le Brothers are known for their unique approach to history, identity and the interpretation of the past in the present.

Le Brothers have exhibited and performed nationally and internationally. Their works are in numerous national and international private and museums collections , including the Singapore Contem porary Art, Museum Gwangju Museum of Art and The Jim Thompson Art Center.

The Le Brothers also have been connecting artists across the world through Vietnam’s first artists-in-residence program, the New Space Arts Foundation, which they launched in April 2008, from a gallery they founded in 2000. The Le Brothers live with their families in Hue, Vietnam.

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