Frankfurt am Main | 12 – 20 October 2024

Tommy Schmidt

I grew up in Hannover, Northern Germany and started artistic career with experimental music. Later engaged spoken word performance and performed at the Benno Ohnesorg Theater at the Volksbühne Berlin for example. At the beginning of the 21st century I became a performance-, happening-, and media artist and was invited as an artist in residence by monochrome, Vienna. One of the most spectacular works was to host a chicken in a hotel near the Oktoberfest in Munich (the city I moved to in the late eighties) during the Oktoberfest. I wrote a fictional novel about a wellness resort that offers services around self-determined dying which was published under the title HEAVEN´S GATE in the renowned CulturBooks edition in Hamburg in 2017. My second novel, FEMI UND DIE FISCHE, is about relationships between human and artificial beings: A German couple take on the godparenthood for a girl far away in Nigeria and realize late that this girl apparently is a bot .

I work as well as a Personal Growth Trainer and have two grown sons. I still live in Munich.

Talks at B3

Respect Your Bot. Less Anxiety, More Confidence

It's common to treat bots, etc. like they were slave-like machines: we order them to do this or that and if we*re not satisfied we kill them deleting or uninstalling them. What if new species of bots of a higher evolutionary level become self-conscious beings? With the ability to feel joy and pain? What if they claim rights and demand respect? Wouldn't we fear their rebellion one day when they're no longer willing to bear repressions? Read more…