Frankfurt am Main | 13 – 20 October 2024
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Wolfgang M. Schmitt

Wolfgang M. Schmitt is a film critic and author. He runs the ideology-critical YouTube channel "Die Filmanalyse", and also co-hosts the zeitgeist podcast "Die Neuen Zwanziger" ("The New Twenties)" and the economics podcast "Wohlstand für Alle" ("Prosperity for All"). In spring 2021, together with Ole Nymoen, he published the non-fiction book " Influencer. Die Ideologie der Werbekörper" ("Influencers: The Ideology of Advertising Figures").

Talks at B3

AI-Generated Influencers and Avatars, and Their Impact on Film, Moving Images, Storytelling, and Society

AI technologies are not only being used increasingly in the field of influencer marketing to automatically generate influential personas and content so that content, stories, and human-like avatars can be created quickly and cost-effectively, regardless of working hour regulations. AI avatars that can deceptively mimic human appearance, personality, and behaviors are also emerging in the metaverse and other artistic immersive mixed realities. Read more…