Frankfurt am Main | 12 – 20 October 2024

B3 Talent Forum

The platform of B3 Festival to promote young talents

And young does not mean young in age. It is a space for upcoming creatives from all audiovisual fields. The program consists of screenings, showcases and networking events combined with a showroom of local and international works from all media fields. It is a great opportunity to connect with fellow creative minds, exchange ideas and get or give inspiration. Integrated within B3 Talent Forum are three initiatives: HessenLab, HAB-Hessen and a showroom.

The Initiatives

B3 HessenLab

B3 HessenLab 2023 is a four-day training program, the focus is on motivated creatives with multidisciplinary audio-visual projects in the early stages of development. HessenLab offers thematic workshops and masterclasses with renowned international professionals from varying areas of the media and creative industries. Participants apply with a work in progress that will be discussed and developed also in individual feedback sessions. The program welcomes up to 25 participants with their projects in progress.


HAB-Hessen is a cross-university graduation support program especially for students of art, film and media programs in Hessen. HAB-Hessen aims to support and promote outstanding final theses. Part of the program are the universities Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach, Kunsthochschule Kassel, Hochschule Rhein Main and Hochschule Darmstadt, as well as the Hessen Film and Media Academy (hFMA).


B3 gives students from local and international universities the opportunity to showcase their final projects. The showroom of the B3 Talent Forum thus makes it possible to discover up-and-coming talents in the creative industries. The final projects presented give a good insight into the work of tomorrow's creatives and their high-level education.


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