Frankfurt am Main | 14 – 22 October 2023

B3 Film Festival

Glamorous, avant-garde and diverse.

The B3 Film Festival shows current feature-length and short films from all over the world. The films are German premieres with social relevance and narrative brilliance. In addition, films with special topicality are also considered.

The B3 shows fiction as well as documentary films that will inspire both professional and public audiences. The films stimulate thought, laughter, tears and discussion.

The films will be discussed in depth with the filmmakers. We look forward to inspiring conversations and discussions!

All films will be shown at the ASTOR Film Lounge MyZeil in the heart of Frankfurt.

Please note that the B3's stay at the ASTOR Film Lounge MyZeil ends on 18 October. Until 21 October you can see artistic works at NOS / Zeil 121. On 22 October you can still see works by Anna Ridler at the Palmengarten and Federico Solmi at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Feature Films

100 Seasons by Giovanni Bucchieri
Sweden Feature Film
A Place of Our Own by Ektara Collective
Actually Actually January by Jan Peters
Germany Documentary Film
àma Gloria by Marie Amachoukeli
Amar Colony by Siddharth Chauhan
India Feature Film
Another Body by Sophie Compton, Reuben Hamlyn
United States Documentary Film
Banel & Adama by Ramata-Toulaye Sy
Senegal Feature Film
Disco Boy by Giacomo Abbruzzese
Drawing Lots by Zaza Khalvashi, Tamta Khalvashi
Dream's Gate by Negin Ahmadi
Dreams by Akira Kurosawa
Empty Nets by Behrooz Karamizade
Iran Feature Film
Fancy Dance by Erica Tremblay
United States
Frontiers by Guy Édoin
Canada Feature Film
Granada Nights by Abid Khan
United Kingdom Feature Film
Green Night by Shuai Han
Hong Kong
Habib by Benoît Mariage
Hey Viktor! by Cody Lightning
Inland by Fridtjof Ryder
United Kingdom Feature Film
Inshallah A Boy by Amjad Al Rasheed
Kokomo City by D. Smith
United States
Lakota Nation vs United States by Jesse Short Bull, Laura Tomaselli
United States
Mars One by Gabriel Martins
Minsk by Boris Guts
Estonia Feature Film
Molli and Max in the Future by Michael Litwak
United States Science-fiction
Ready Player One by Steven SPIELBERG
United States
Sira by Apolline Traoré
Burkina Faso Feature Film
Sister & Sister by Kattia G. Zúñiga
Panama Feature Film
Starring Jerry As Himself by Law Chen
United States
The Lesson by Alice Troughton
Germany Feature Film
The Lost King by Stephen Frears
United Kingdom
The Goonies by Richard Donner
Tommy Guns by Carlos Conceição
Portugal Feature Film
Who I Am Not by Tunde Skovran
You Sing Loud, I Sing Louder by Emma Westenberg
United States Road movie
Youth (Spring) by Wang Bing