Frankfurt am Main | 14 – 22 October 2023

B3 Moving Image Forum

Cool, moving, amazing

The B3 Moving Image Forum gives an insight into the diverse and ever-changing world of international creative artists with their latest works.

In these works, artists transform stories, ideas and worlds of thought into moving images in their own unique ways. Creatively and technologically, they have set themselves no limits. We show the latest works and projects from art, VR/ AR, games and AI by established and emerging international artists and media creators, at least as German premieres.

At the B3 Moving Image Forum professionals can get inspired, discover new talents, and explore the diversity of moving images together with the general public. Cool, moving, amazing, touching, controversial, beautiful and thought-provoking: That's how you can describe the works and projects that the invited creatives present to the esteemed B3 audience.

The Film London Jarman Award 2023

Now in its sixteenth year, the Film London Jarman Award is a prestigious annual prize which recognises and supports the most innovative UK-based artists working with moving image. Inspired by visionary filmmaker Derek Jarman, the award celebrates the spirit of experimentation, imagination and innovation in the work of artist filmmakers. Each year, the Jarman Award showcases artists' moving image to audiences throughout the UK and beyond through its annual touring programme. Read more …

TU Berlin

In 2023, B3 will present a selection of artistic contributions from the Design & Computation program at TU Berlin. The artworks in question are as follows: Project, Oceanflight, Smile To Play, Poor things, Closed Loop / Scrying Mirror

Please note that the B3's stay at the ASTOR Film Lounge MyZeil ends on 18 October. Until 21 October you can see artistic works at NOS / Zeil 121. On 22 October you can still see works by Anna Ridler at the Palmengarten and Federico Solmi at the Frankfurt Book Fair.


21-22 China by Thierry Loa
A Float by Isabel Barfod
United Kingdom Animation
Abyss by Jeppe Lange
Denmark Experimental Film
All That Remains by Craig Quintero
Alternative Economies by Rehana Zaman
United Kingdom Experimental Film
Anno Oxypetalum by Anna Ridler
United Kingdom Art
Auf dem Häuschen by Antonina Geiß
Azurite Fielding by Evond (MEDIAH) Blake
Canada 3D
Backrooms VR by Anton Lonius
Germany VR - AR
Black Corporeal (Breathing by Numbers) by Julianknxx
United Kingdom Experimental Film
Black Sun by Laura Huertas Millán
Colombia Feature Film
Body of Mine by Cameron Kostopoulos
United States LGBT
Broken Hearts Hotel by Katarzyna Perlak
United Kingdom LGBT
Bus Film by Chris Childs
United Kingdom Animation
Cereal Box by Lamide Olusegun
United Kingdom Animation
Chyron by Daniel Canogar
Closed Loop / Scrying Mirror by Felix Ansmann, Maurice Wald
Germany Art
Colorinth by Ron Hollemann
Confessions by Jacob Schill
Dear Black Child by Tobi Onabolu
United Kingdom Experimental Film
El Beat by Carolina Fernández, Sergio Bromberg, Irene Lema
Happily Ever After by Katarzyna Perlak
Haus Atlantis by Karen Russo
Hineini by Ariel Jacob, Joshua Gundlach
Hosts of a Scraped Pulse by Ava Leandra Kleber
Hotel Kalura by Sophie Koko Gate
United Kingdom Animation
I Express Myself Best in Silence by Ben Dawson
United Kingdom Animation
It's Raining, It's Pouring by Ronan Mackenzie
United Kingdom Animation
JFK Memento by Chloé Rochereuil
France VR - AR
Jitterbug by Ayo Akingbade
United Kingdom Experimental Film
Junkerhaus by Karen Russo
United Kingdom Experimental Film
Just Another by Cheesoo Park
Lily at Home by Daisy Smith
United Kingdom Art
Liquid Skin by Melanie Manchot
Maelstrom by Daniel Canogar
"Meine Damen und Herren" by Roman Roth
Germany Art
Mixed Signals by Ruby Stoyle
United Kingdom Animation
Montegelato by Davide Rapp
Moving Monuments by Dominik Bais
Natura by Snežana Golubović, Le Brothers, Thanh Le Ngoc, Hai Le Duc
O ce an fl i gh t by Jonny-Bix Bongers
Germany 3D
Over The Rainbow by Craig Quintero
Revenge Fantasy by Andrew Black
United Kingdom Experimental Film
Ripples by Jeppe Lange
Denmark Experimental Film
Scrawl by Daniel Canogar
Sitting Shiva by Joshua Gundlach
Smile to Play by Nani Gutiérrez, Orhun Mersin C., Yağmur Uçkunkaya
Spring Odyssey by Elise Morin
France VR - AR
Strands of Mind by Adrian Meyer
Tender Wasteland by Laina Deene
United Kingdom Animation
The District VR by Dennis Lisk
Germany VR - AR
The Season of Burning Things by Asmaa Jama, Gouled Abdishakour Ahmed
United Kingdom Experimental Film
The Voyeur by Fabrice Dugast
France VR - AR
Tiny Creatures by Federico Zurani
Germany Art
War of Perception by Bo Choy
Hong Kong Experimental Film
Washed Denim by Kevin Té
France Documentary Film
Wayward by Daniel Canogar
When We Stayed Home by Chloé Rochereuil
France VR - AR
White Dwarf by Yolanda Markopoulou
Greece VR - AR
Windows Into Prison by Chloé Rochereuil
France VR - AR
δ (delta) by Julia Feige